Xbox music library not updating

So you go off and make a cup of tea, mulling the issue over.

In much the same way you can with some competing music services, Microsoft's Groove will let you play your own music from the cloud.

You can add your MP3s to One Drive and play them on your PC, tablet, phone, and Xbox. Upload your music files to the "Music" folder in One Drive and that music will magically appear in the Groove Music apps for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, the Xbox Music app on Windows Phone 8.1, as well as on your Xbox 360 and Xbox One. If you are not seeing your files, make sure you have accepted the Xbox Terms of Use.

Of course, there are several ways of adding music files to a micro SD card in a Windows Phone, not least using Windows Explorer or the Mac Windows Phone utility to sync in from a desktop music library using wires, i.e. Me, I'm old school, and like to pop the card out, stick it in a laptop card reader and copy music onto it directly. Swiping to the bottom reveals the 'remove SD card' option.

Either way, the same issue crops up - maybe you've seen it? Tap this to eject the card from the OS's file system - much safer than just yanking it out! [right] Meanwhile, I had copied on a folder of a classic 'King Crimson' album and had turned the phone's screen back on. After around seven minutes, during which the list refreshed several times, sometimes with blank results, the final list was displayed, complete with the new music.

You add a specific set of artists or albums, stick the card back into the phone (if appropriate) and then look in the (XBox) Music application on Windows Phone. Curious to see what would happen if I tried playing music (which was still listed! Looking here in XBox Music, the new album is nowhere to be seen. What's patently happening is that at some point the micro SD card gets re-scanned for music files (and their ID3 or Windows Media properties).

When you get back, ten minutes later, the new music is magically in the library - it quite literally pops up in the listings.

Last night, Microsoft head Joe Belfiore even tweeted that a new Xbox Music app was on the way: Actually, the bigger news is perhaps that 8.1 optimized apps for Facebook, Skype and Twitter are also forthcoming.

When I use the desktop Zune Software, it finds all of this music. It was indeed fixed in the latest version, but the app does not recognize "Some Band" and "The Some Band" (i.e.

Microsoft has updated Xbox Music for Windows Phone again, this time adding two small but very nice new features.

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