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Babies cry when desperate to communicate their needs of love, food, sleep, comfort . I always hear about the “dishes in the sink”, but the REAL problem is never the dishes.

I love my work because I do not allow myself to be a referee of marriage fouls.

For the first time in history, the marriage rate has dropped below 50 percent.

Dan Silverman is the sole matchmaker and dating coach of Miami Dating Coach.

Initial phone consultations are always free so we can see if coaching or matchmaking is right for you.

Hello, are you looking to stop the constant frustration of a confusing or slow dating life? I spent my entire life looking for that one perfect girl.

Lyman offers solutions to the men and women who seem to date without a connection in her seminar "Three Secret Love Essentials For Meeting The One," taking place Jan. for the JS Boomers group (age 50s-60s) at Temple Israel and Jan. The truth is we have blind spots, some from childhood fears, that are within ourselves that stop us from finding true love," said Lyman."To blast through your blind sports, you need to decide that you're finally ready for change, ready for a new relationship experience.

"When I hear singles tell me that 'there are no men or women out there for me, men are afraid of commitment, women don't get me,' they pin the blame for failing to make a connection on anything outside of themselves.

He coaches busy men and women on being in relationships.

This is Silverman at Bouganvilla in South Miami on Friday, February 3, 2012) It’s Friday evening and Dan Silverman has taken a well-dressed man to Lincoln Road where he’s prodding him to go up and talk to attractive women.

Couples then will practice recreating the feeling of connection before having a 10-minute conversation.

Couples also learn how to take a "timeout" when things get too heated.

in Miami Beach is open to singles of all ages with a suggested donation.

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