kelowna dating online - Wu zun and angela zhang dating

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In other people's eyes they seem like a little couple.

Working in the same MV, hard to decide time Angela had talked about Chun a lot of times in front of media, having the doubt of making new over and over again, because of that, the Lin Fair Record Company Angela belongs to, saying not only Angela likes to talk about it, the media likes to ask about it too.

The Company is treating their good friend relationship normally. The company also said " We talked to Chun's manager company already, they are very interested, but Chun's schedule is really full, so the time is not quite decided yet." Translated by : Choco Jirox @ Source : news. Edited by francesca, 17 November 2007 - AM. And after watching a few episodes of Romantic Princess, I think her and Chun would make a pretty good couple too.

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Angela Zhang and Wu Chun rumors never stopped, both of them kissed in the series for better rating, in promotion playing games together really closely, feeding each other food, and going to other countries together, like a pair of couple in love.

Angela is gonna have her new album in December , in the fourteenth she went to learn tap dance, and when she talked about about Chun she smiled a lot a lot and said "I really want to have Chun as my male lead in my new mv" Love has a lot of pressure, a "slow" type Angela talked about Chun without scared to have more rumors, and she talked about her view about love, she said "Every human need to date" and she also said she is a "slow" type of girl, need to take time to be with a person before she thinks of them as a lover.

But Wu Zun, with his big, bulging muscles, just makes her look as though she'll break :x I also really wish that Calvin would have gotten the lead, but he doesn't have as much experience as Wu Zun as a male lead, I guess, and he's not as popular. But I though it was cute how Calvin was eager to talk of Angela and how she drew diamond shape (? (especially with in the previews posted on the RP thread where Angela wakes up finding herself next to a shirtless Calvin! but now I'm kind of thinking Chun Angela really isn't that bad. Angela was closer than I thought to Wu Zun, too, at Guessx3. Also, I am SOO confused by the comments at the Romantic Princess thread...

) thing on their wrists and formed a gang or something. Anyways, here are two screencaps from Variety Big Brother ... You couldn't actually hear what they were saying but Calvin was whispering something into Angela's ears.. so Angela and Calvin aren't really a serious "second" couple?

"even I am dating, I am sure I won't make it public" but when she was asked about Johnny Yan, she asked the reporter back "is Johnny still here?

" meaning he is already out of the list of rumored boyfriend.

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