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He didn’t answer, so she left a message — and there of course it might have ended.

But Carlo called her back in time and then rang an ambulance.

“I have a new understanding, a new take on life,” she says in that slow, precise, instantly recognisable voice, deepened by the cigarettes that also caused the heart attack. That I cared about my profession, my family, the seasons, nature, flowers, science, art. But compared to how I notice and appreciate things now? Now I find myself thinking what a miracle it all is.” That she didn’t die still seems surprising to her.

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She admitted that in the intervening years "there were all sorts of other people involved".

Redgrave divorced her first husband Richardson in 1967 after 5 years of marriage, the same year that she met Nero.

She said that instead she wanted the wedding to be based on "commitment and love".

"Stay clear of all that, stay clear of all the money business. "We were married in front of family and friends with the greatest possible commitment and love.

They had two daughters actresses Natasha and Joely.

1969 She began dating Italian actor Franco Nero when they starred alongside one another on the set of Camelot.

We had plenty of times when we weren't speaking to each other or when we were shouting at each other.

"Mostly the worst times were when we were not speaking to each other." In a case of art imitating life the couple are appearing opposite each other as reunited lovers in the film Letters to Juliet, the first time they have shared the screen together for ten years.

On screen, she has starred in scores of films and is a six-time Oscar nominee, winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for the title role in the film Julia (1977).

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