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One person penned: 'U two are soooooo cute together.' Another commented: 'U guys are perfect together!!!!

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Taylor Lautner has only been an eligible bachelor for a few months, but he’s already found love again, according to a new report!

The actor is allegedly in a relationship with model Raina Lawson, 20. Newsregarding Taylor and his new bond with the Wilhelmina model.

And, his new relationship is making quite the stir in Hollywood.

Taylor Lautner has been seen enjoying holidays with Billie Lourd.

It is rumored that Taylor Swift’s song “Back To December” is about Taylor Lautner.

Taylor Lautner, the Hollywood actor, model, and martial artist, best known for playing the role of Jacob Black, a Werewolf, in the Twilight sagas, is also known for his girlfriends.A simple sight of two celebrities together sparks huge relationship rumors in Hollywood, and what Taylor Lautner and Billie Lourd gave us is a lot.Believe it or not, almost all of Taylor Lautner's public girlfriends have been his co-stars.Lautner and Lourd were speculated to be dating as the couple was also seen together on a grocery run, picking up a bunch of supplies.Even though Taylor Lautner himself hasn't come out and confirmed, it seems pretty obvious that he is dating Billie Lourd, his Scream Queens co-star and the daughter of the late Hollywood legends Carrie Fisher and granddaughter of Debie Reynolds.He dated Lilly Collins, his partner, the couple broke up just before the release of the movie in September 2011, he also dated Taylor Swift, his Valentine's Day co-star and broke before the release of the movie. But, in this case, there actually evidence that this relationship could be more than just a publicity stunt.

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