Usa today app not updating

While it is not my paper of choice, the USA Today i Phone app is a great way to quickly catch up on the latest news.This recent update shows that at least one “old media” news source is working hard to bridge the technical divide.Version 1.1 adds integration with Facebook and support for additional Twitted clients.

USA Today Official App was updated today with many new features such as Live Tile support, new videos section and more. A photo mashup based on our latest headlines – Latest news videos on a dedicated video panel – Sub-section headlines: hold down any of the section tiles to bring up a list of sub-sections to choose from, i.e.

– Photo caption and credit for articles – Recall last league viewed in Scores – Major League Soccer scores added – Celsius toggle for weather temps – Support for international weather locations (limited maps) – Weather alerts on current conditions screen – Various bug fixes Update the app if you have already installed it or download it from here.

The API has changed, but is available and a (perhaps more complex) patch can be made. =sigh= So all evidence is pointing toward an invalidated API key for (as far as I can tell now) ONLY the stories, which matches both the evidence, the app's behavior on the device, and it's behavior in my development-environment.

This is the only one that might apply under the circumstances.

On June 11, 1981, Gannett printed the first prototypes of the proposed publication; the copies, which displayed two proposed design layouts, were mailed to various newsmakers and prominent leaders in journalism for review and input.

The Gannett Company's Board of Directors approved the launch of the national newspaper, which would be titled USA Today, on December 5, 1981; with the launch, Neuharth was appointed president and publisher of the newspaper, adding those responsibilities to his existing position as Gannett's chief executive officer.

FEATURES:• NEWS: Browse national, local, most popular and recommended stories.

• NEWS ALERTS: Get news as it breaks by opting in for push notifications on News, Sports, Life, Money or Tech.

" There is no way to fix this yourself so you have to wait. This is well designed app that makes news reading enjoyable.

The blue circle of the logo has been turned into a dotted ring with a hat being tossed into it to signify Marco Rubio's announcement that he is running for President of the United States.

Version number: Varies by device - (2.3.6) Xbox and Hololens support turned on again - (2.3.6) Bug fixes to reduce the amount of "Breaking News" errors - (2.3.2) Back to 2.2.5 because of crashiness of 2.3.0 - (2.3.0) Added Xbox support - (2.3.0) Fixed crash on launch for Hololens - (2.2.6) Improved Continuum experience and other bug fixes - (2.2.5) Added breaking news alerts - (2.2.5) Updated Privacy Policy link - (2.2.5) Fixed crash on latest fast ring builds - (2.1.6) Fixed bug where scroll position was not saved between views - (2.1.4) Added scores to the Sports section - (2.1.4) Fixed back button in tablet mode The USA Today news app provides quick unbiased stories that are constantly updated. I can't get it to tell me (no matter what settings I put in) more than one story, which stays there, without cycling. The app is stable and works well, just needs to refresh faster when opened.

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