updating wow account - Updating windows 7 32 bit to 64 bit

When you received your Windows 10 upgrade, Microsoft will have automatically provided you a like-for-like 32-bit operating system.

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According to Microsoft, users will be able perform clean install of Windows 10 after the upgrade.

If you really want to upgrade from 32-bit Windows 7/8.1 to 64-bit Windows 10 without shelling out a single penny, we recommend you upgrade your existing Windows 7/8.1 32-bit installation to Windows 10 32-bit first.

If it says “32-bit operating system, x86-based processor” as per the below image, you have a 32-bit CPU meaning you will not be able to upgrade.

Next, we’ll check your system hardware In theory, 32-bit software could outperform its 64-bit counterpart, depending on the hardware setup. We're here to make sense and help you get the best performance out of your system.

Upgrading to 64-bit Windows 10 can be a quick process, depending on your existing system settings and system hardware, and I’m here to guide you from one to the other.

Before you begin upgrading, you’ll need to confirm if your system architecture is 64-bit Activation. If you see “32-bit operating system, x64-based processor” you’ll be able to complete the upgrade.

It has been downloaded 21550 times since release and it has received 4.7 out of 5 stars. Before beginning the installation of the Libeay32library, you must download the library.

If you don't know how to download the library or if you are having a problem while downloading, you can look at Most of the time, programs have been programmed to use the most recent dynamic link libraries.

In other words, the user wants to if it’s possible to upgrade from x86 flavor of Windows 7/8.1 to x64 flavor of Windows 10. One can’t perform an in-place or direct upgrade from 32-bit Windows 7/Windows 8.1 to 64-bit Windows 10.

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