Dating a widower - Updating drivers on my radeon x1650pro

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I have tried a few things to fix this problem but to no avail, this is what I have attempted: - Redownloading/installing the latest Vista drivers for my video card - Uninstalling some of the later updates I have done on Windows Update - Switching the cables on my video card (to see if I can get the other monitor working...

I have a ATI Radeon x1650 Pro, a Dell E172FPb monitor (this one is working fine) and a View Sonic V10859 (the problematic one)IT WORKS!! 1.) Attach the connector lead of the monitor to your laptop 2.) So you don't see the display? after a month of trying different remedies I coudn't beleive it was this easy. Your method of fixing the dual monitor problem worked for me.

: D 3.) The laptop has an Function key (Fn key next to the windows start key) on the keyboard. How did you figure that one out and why in the heck does it fix that problem?

I tried the ATI Catalyst 12.11 B11 Hot Fix 10 P6 V11.10.6.5 All Supported OS UPD and the ATI_Catalyst_12.11_B11_Hot Fix_10_P6_V11.10.6.6_All _Supported_OS They both just don't start when I try to launch them from the setup exe.

They both crash and won't let me even install them.

The graphics requirements for Win 10TP are described as "Graphics card: Microsoft Direct X 9 graphics device with WDDM driver".

Is this just a compatibility spec the existing graphics must meet? Are you saying Direct X 9 is a minimalist standard that all modern graphics cards should meet?

Also here is the GPU Device ID: PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_71E6 In case you need it and the Inf section line: ati2mtag_RV530 they are taken from the diginal Flem. Also try to make the custom driver from other than the catalyst 13.9 like the 13.4, cuz this version 13.9 for some reason doesn't start when I launch the setup exe, it just crashes when I try to launch it even after when I tried to modd it.

Also I am on Windows vista ultimate sp2 32-bit, cuz windows 7 isn't good for my old PC.

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AMDs latest win10 driver (15.7) doesn't correct the issue either, there always seems to be things that fall throught the cracks, my cards are rated DX11 but that doesn't seem to matter, Win10s DX12 hype states it is all backwards compatible to DX9 as we all know but theres always that but not all. For various reasons, I never tested 10TP, or I might have discovered this.

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