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The checkbox for [u]static[/u] data is above, among "Historical data providers", and is called "Morningstar Static". This was the outcome: Updating Provider Morningstar Static ...

Provider update complete for Morningstar Static----------------Update completed (0.15 sec)No bar added... This was the outcome: Updating Provider Morningstar Static ...

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You specify the date from which re-creation should be performed and you can choose whether to re-create a single dataset only or all of the statistics (the OSASTD or OSBSTD files) based on open and/or invoiced order lines.

You might need to do this when, for example, item groups have been changed.

In this manner, any update on the data on the Pivot Table will automatically take place.

Also, this command will immediately save changes on the data and even after refreshing it.

Since this happens several times a year, I'll try to update this topic each time it occurs. I installed Morningstar Extension but there are no bars added with EOD data.

Question is ambiguous: * On how to install/uninstall/update Wealth-Lab extensions, review [link= Extensions Temp.ashx]this illustrated tutorial[/link] and/or check out the Wealth-Lab User Guide Thanks, Eugene.

Note that re-creation of all of the statistics will take time and may affect the system performance.

If you have performed archiving since the last re-creation or system start-up, the archived orders are excluded in the re-creation.

To create a partitioned table: configuration setting.

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