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Pick her up in your car and ask them if they have ever been to New York City.In case they have never been to New York, you can suggest a road trip to get there. What if she doesn’t agree to go on a road trip with you? You might still be able to convince her to go on a boat trip with you.These moments force you into making fast decisions and differ greatly from the luxury of having the time to see ‘where things are going’.

"More and more hotels are finding ways to help solo travelers have great experiences," Christine Sarkis, senior editor of website Smarter Travel, told TODAY.

"For instance, many smaller, independent hotels offer activities like culinary and walking tours that solo travelers can sign up for if they want to join a group of like-minded travelers.

Now it’s February 15th and you're still a single nomad and sick of the loneliness. Join Aline Dahmen., and her growing group of Nomad Soulmates, as she digs through the dating maze to find out what really makes travel dating different to traditional dating.

Or maybe you’re someone who’s been travelling for years? I started this article with the aim to answer one question: how is traditional dating different from travel dating?

It’s safe to assume that as a Miss Travel member, you’re on-the-go.

That’s why we’ve created an app so we can travel with you.

In case you can identify with what I just said, the following 11 dating ideas will save your life…and might lead to your next relationship. Then start your date with the suggestion to share your craziest travel adventures. That’s why I made it up, tested it on a date and came to the conclusion that it is absolutely awesome. You start your date in a café, just like normal people.

While the person who is sitting next to you expected a boring talk about college, work and the weekly gym session, you surprise him or her. After about an hour, you suggest to go to another café, then another one and so on.

With all of the dating websites and apps available, being able to find a prospective date has never been easier.

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