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The Toronto Police Service (TPS) recently released its highly anticipated body camera report.

As a result, a significant opportunity to study and test the effectiveness and efficacy of this technology fell by the wayside.

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It appears as if the TPS are making excuses or deflecting the attention away from the significant methodological limitations of the study.

For example, the report states that, "[i]n terms of achieving the pilot goals, the quantitative results were not compelling, though they did perhaps indicate trends that would have become clearer in a longer study...

Two main findings include: 1) most of the community members who responded to the surveys supported body cameras and believed they will make the police more accountable; and 2) many of the officers support the use of body cameras. They are important and do provide some insight into what the public and the police think of the technology.

However, opinions and perceptions do not ensure nor guarantee accountability.The introduction of body-worn cameras may be new to the Toronto Police Service, but they are not new to many other police services. Body-worn cameras are unbiased, reliable eyewitnesses to community interactions with the police.Most police service in North America are considering their use. On December 1, 2014, President Barack Obama announced 3 million to provide 50,000 body-worn cameras to police throughout the U. They will provide reassurance to community members and police officers.Officers in the Primary Response Units at 43 and 55 Divisions, Traffic Services and TAVIS Rapid Response Teams, approximately 100 officers, have begun testing three pieces of equipment, as part of Toronto Police Service's body-worn camera pilot project.This testing will take place over one year, at the end of which the Service will evaluate the results and determine how best to move forward.Although 'the plural of anecdote is not data,' anecdote can be compelling and can influence belief and expectations." If the study was properly designed and executed, the data would have been more compelling and conclusive than what the report indicates.

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