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Although not as dramatic and tumultuous as the media might portray, there is no doubt that these years come with significant challenges.

No matter how a person experiences their teen years, though, we all can agree on one thing: happiness is usually the goal.

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There is evidence that delaying intercourse in females is associated with higher rates of high school graduation and college enrollment, even taking into account family, personality, and pregnancy factors.

A 2012 poll indicated that over two-thirds of teen girls and over one-half of teen boys who had sex wished they had waited longer.

Police had been tipped off about the suspect, who was allegedly keeping the young women as sex slaves.

The suspect will appear in the Springs Magistrate's Court on Monday.

Even if your child is years away from a driver’s license and is more interested in fighting the afternoon nap, you’ll still want to read this. For parents—especially those raising daughters—some of the material is not easy to read.

In fact, some of it is downright painful and upsetting.JOHANNESBURG- A man accused of human trafficking may face additional charges after being arrested in Springs, Ekurhuleni.The 42-year-old was found with allegedly-kidnapped teenagers, drugs and pornographic material.We already know about alot love stories, where two people meet on the web and get married after a few dates. He just couldn't miss a chance to fuck such a magnificent young beauty. A probe led to 18 teenagers and young women giving evidence in court on how they had been assaulted, targeted or were aware of the brothers’ activities. Both brothers denied all charges, and claimed they thought their victims were above the age of 16.

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