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Unfortunately, an allowance from your parent doesn't count.

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Talk to girls online with no credite card

But getting the card companies to say "yes" isn't easy for everyone.

Just 36% of customers under age 30 received a rate cut after asking, and one-third of African-American cardholders were successful, the Credit survey found.

Tom Merton/Caiaimage/Getty Images A 5-minute phone call to your credit card issuer could save you hundreds of dollars -- or more -- in interest charges.

If you've been a good customer, your credit card company will probably reduce your interest rate. A March 2016 survey from Credit found that 78% of cardholders who asked for a rate cut received one.

Getting a credit card before you’re fully prepared can spell disaster for your credit.

Don’t set yourself up for failure – learn all you can about credit cards before you get one.

If you're not ready, you can get there: How to Prepare for a Credit Card Getting approved for the first credit card can be tough, especially if you're under age 21 and more so if you don't have a job.

First, Federal law requires that young adults under age 21 have verifiable income before they can be approved for a credit card without a cosigner.

See also: Best Tips to Improve Your Credit Score Tip #3: Shop and compare card benefits carefully Shopping for a credit card can be confusing because there are so many details in the rewards.

Compare benefits carefully and choose cards that align with your spending habits and amounts.

AT&T’s Universal credit card was the first to give cash back, to be put towards phone calls, in 1986.

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