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(Martin has since been hired back at 97.1, where he was before 105.3.) As it turned out, Whitt eventually teamed up with Williams for a talk radio show called RAGE on the channel Martin was fired from.

Well, now Richie Whitt is writing about he and Williams were fired from that show.

"Let's, um, yeah, okay, this is it, let's get in a fight on the air.

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This sequel involves a few familiar characters, including FAN program director Gavin Spittle and Whitt’s fiancee, Sybil Summers. So far there’s a lot about Williams lying: about everything from his drug use to his dog escaping to his being invited to speak at Chris Kyle’s funeral.

Whitt has apparently written this story in five parts. Whitt could probably use an editor (true of us all), and as evidenced by the 300 comments, the story’s mostly written for fans of their show (there’s a joke about how Watagua is “flatter than Kristen Stewart”), but it’s also an interesting look behind the scenes of local sports talk radio, and the people who deal with the people dealing with addiction.

There’s been the odd TV film that has been ridiculous but we’ve been able to manage it somewhat. Life in the spotlight: Kate Burton grew up as the daughter of Richard Burton and the step-daughter of Elizabeth Taylor.

Seen here with the couple on the left as a young girl, and as a young woman with her fatherassisted in the editing of The Richard Burton Diaries which were published last year, saying they gave a glimpse at his somewhat combustible nature: 'When the diaries came out, I was very proud of dad.

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Burton and Taylor, a 90-minute biopic, documents the final tempestuous reunion of the Cleopatra co-stars who married and divorced twice, when they performed together for the final time in the 1983 stage revival of Noël Coward’s Private Lives. They could do whatever the heck they want,', she said.

It drew rave reviews and comparisons to the recent Edward Snowden NASA spy leaks.

Because we kinda like each other and because I love punching holes in conventional wisdom/cliched thinking such as "Don't dip your pen in the company ink!

*In the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous. The Jersey Shore alum knocked up a former Hooters waitress in Vegas, and now they’re battling over custody. Wouldn’t it be great if his daughter Amabella dated Snooki’s son Lorenzo? ) But Big Tips Texas is about to get itself deleted off my season pass. I’m gonna confront her.”) and we’re being sold a bill of goods because only two of the castmembers are actually attractive. *If you’re wife/girlfriend/sidepiece is still undecided on what to wear for Halloween, Kristen Schaal has a possibly NSFW solution. If you do care enough to diagram it out, you may also wanna watch the award ceremony via live stream on Nov. This perfectly safe photo of Blac Chyna in a bikini. Think I’ll hitch a ride with Richie to scope out the progress.

The dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the “Special Victim’s Unit”. In related news, who knew Olivia Benson was hanging out at Budget Suites in The Colony? I was so excited to see a local show about “hot”, crazy girls right here in our backyard, and if it’s MTV, it’s gotta be slick, right? 3 *If you’re the kind of parent who thinks a score of 91-0 is somehow “bullying”, you’re probably sissy enough to appreciate this innovative mom's idea. When I see the headline “Explicit Photos of Tyga’s Babymama- EXTREMELY GRAPHIC” with a CENSORED bar over the crotch, I assume it’s covering up something obscene. Reminds me a lot of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Unnecessary Censorship”- just minus the funny.

Until then I'll provide a pseudo-itinerary and outline of where we'll be and perhaps what the what we're planning on doing.

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