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I still had attraction to girls but decided to ignore guys and thought it was just a one time thing and concentrated as much as I could on girls. That moment when you wish fluidity wasn’t such a f**ing bi**h. as hell for all people LGBT ) My parents are cool with my sexuality but I want to tell more people, I'm just too scared to right now though. This was weird for me because saying boyfriend was strange so I kept saying I was a lesbian. For the past few years I've liked the two main genders. After seeing the definition, I knew that's what I was. And now that I identify as pansexual, everyone avoids me like some sort of freak. I've honestly never had to put much thought into it. I've been in relationships with men and women and never thought about it.

They are 2 of three persons I've ever really got to know that well. well I'm not sure, for I came out as bi in January. But it felt so good and so therapeutic to write this that I decided to just go with it. It DOES NOT mean you don't care about their other features.

I've really opened my eyes to the wonders of being pansexual. I liked man as well as woman, I liked people online didn't know are they girls or boys, I liked trans people... The only personalities I've ever got to know all of. But now, I question it, oh so much, well, I don't really care about gender... you don't look like you'd be that way" okay how about I just paint myself rainbow? For awhile I thought it was wrong because I figured I'd be judged. If you have the patience to read it, I thank you kindly in advance. since I was 7 when I had a dream about making out with Katy Perry(I was a weird kid). means you're attracted to people of every gender ie. Their weight, race, age, religion, ect have nothing to do with sexuality nor does it... But, I have rather realized that I am not straight. Being stared down by people when you're holding your ftm boyfriend's hand is a... I never quite fit into any sort of sterotype, so I was constantly bullied.

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Others feel no need to engage in a relationship with just one person.

Many people have open relationships where they are allowed to see other people while keeping one close partner.

Often, religion plays a large part in a person’s sexual choices.

People who belong to one of the major religions tend to have monogamous relationships.

The way that a person chooses to express himself erotically is a matter of personal choice.

Some people spend their entire lives looking for a type of sexuality that feels right.

Last year, i got close to a girl, and we became really good friends.

Both of us are university students, living far away from our family. It felt weird the first time but I would just ignore it. So, when I was 14, I came out as bisexualthis is only because I was dating another girl. Since young, i usually found myself looking at girls more often than guys unless the guy is really handsome and hot.

I had been through my first love at school, real beautiful girl... i slowly lost all freiends and started smooking weed and drinking heaviley. But, about a month ago, this guy who sits next to me in English class told me I should come out, even though I had...

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