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The proud parents raised him to become a successful icon in the industry.

Shepard Smith’s original name is David Shepard Smith junior. He was born on 1964 on January 14, which makes him 52 years old at the moment.

“One of the production assistants even saw him getting into Shep’s limo one night earlier this year around 8 p.m.

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Virginia was a crush of Shepard at first and soon enough, they started dating and after dating for some time, they exchanged their vows.

The couple seemed to be happy; after all, they were quite the lovers before they were bonded as husband and wife.

Buried in the otherwise harmless piece was a nonchalant outing of Smith as a gay man, printed like it was common knowledge: noted the apparent outing of Smith, who is well-known for being tight-lipped about his personal life.

Most seemed to ignore the story, probably because it’s not that big of a deal for Shepard Smith to be gay.

At this age, his spark and presentation skills are much higher than others his age.

He gained his academic qualifications from being affiliated to institutes like Marshall Academy, Later on, he moved to another institute in Florida, where he finished his higher education with good grades.

Both sources say they saw Graziano and Smith together at the bar on multiple occasions, and that they appeared to be romantically involved.

While Smith and Graziano’s boss Roger Ailes, a notorious homophobe, was apparently kept in the dark about the relationship—“higher ups had no idea,” a source close to Graziano said—the pair doesn’t appear to have gone to great lengths to keep the workplace romance from their co-workers.“The people who know the most are [Graziano’s] former coworkers from Fox,” one source told Gawker.

has likened the right-wing channel to a “family,” with president Roger Ailes as its domineering father.

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