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John Dimo used shells, bones and other items outside his tent in Kogelo, western Kenya, to call a winner in the race between Mr Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney.And Mr Dimo, who claims to be 105, says that the mystical items dispute news that the election will be a close call.

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It seemed like "wall coverings" was a fancy word for wallpaper, but that was never verified.

After looking at a few ludicrously expensive "coverings," Marlo began ragging on Kenya, calling her a "crazy," "miserable phony." It turned out Marlo was bent out of shape because Kenya hadn't invited her to her birthday party or her housewarming — and she had invited Nene Leakes.

A." Kenya Moore Had Affair With Phaedra Parks' Husband Apollo Nida? He explained that he only wanted to collaborate on them partnering up on a new workout DVD.

In the images released by Moore, Nida appeared to have initiated the conversation with his wife's enemy on Oct. He asked her if she was in Atlanta and she answered she in Los Angeles at the time. 2, she asked him what part of Atlanta does he reside and after disclosing the area he asked what she was up to. Kandi Burruss Confronts Kenya Moore Over Texts to Phaedra Parks' Husband on 'Bethenny' (VIDEO) The "sextgate" scandal was first revealed during season 5 of , the pair shocked even Cohen, the show's host.

He replied that he wanted to discuss "some stuff" but was in Philadelphia at the time. Cohen reminisced when the pair first caught flak during the couples' trip in Anguilla when cast members noticed Moore flirting with Apollo.

Moore and Parks then exchanged words about the trip during the reunion and Apollo told Moore that he didn't care about her.

In Marlo's mind, she had been a much better friend to Kenya than Nene had, and her lack of an invite was the result of Kenya thinking Nene could help elevate her profile.

(To be clear, Nene and Marlo also do not get along.)Matt Vandalized Kenya's House (Again)Kenya came home from Peter Thomas' club opening (where she and Matt had exchanged words and he had punched her driver in the face) to discover that he had paid a visit to her home.

In addition to breaking a bunch of windows in her garage and the windshield of her car, he had spray-painted over her security cameras to prevent himself from being filmed (because, umm, then no one would know it was him … Kenya called Kandi Burruss, who asked her what her dad would say. She then argued that she didn't think a restraining order would do anything and went to see Phaedra for advice on how to deal with Matt's temper."I've been in a bad relationship and so I feel it with any woman who is going through it with a spouse or a partner," Phaedra said to the camera.

The majority of internet users in Africa access the internet on their mobile phones.

After he dissed Moore, she dropped a bombshell: "Maybe you should stop texting me then!

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