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Those include 'Bound for Trouble' 'Island of the Giant Pokemon' 'A Scare to Remember' 'Hoenn Alone! I also seem to like the stranger ones, such as; Redshipping (Jessie and Ash)Diodeshipping (Ash and Clemont)Pikashipping (Ash and Pikachu)Along with; Rocketshipping (Jessie and James)Krazyshipping (Meouth and Pikachu)I'm really only familliar with the anime. I'd enjoy some fun with our lemur neighbors And have a dance party-shake that booty! She came in and began yelling about how I should have been paying attention to my phone and how she just wasted a trip, and how she wasn't going to come back for me when she went to Armstrong (presumably to pick up Piper). Fed up with this dumb school, with stupid people, with others making fun of me-I'm just done. " Hunter waved to the cameras, a huge grin on her face.

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Officer Grizzoli is not allowed to collect the donuts for work, we don’t want another Drunk Cheetah Incident.6.

Officer Mc Horn is not allowed to partner up with Officers Wilde or Hopps, IT was hard enough getting Wilde out of the tree the last time.7.

Officer Fangmeyer is not allowed the Case files, we’re still trying to find the last one he buried.2.

Officer Hopps is to take driving lessons from Officer Wilde, We cannot lose another Patrol Car.3.

Now that IO'm looking back, why did I ever spell it Meouth? Dear Class 14-FINALEDear Class, Tuesday, September 6, 2016Heh. I was meaning to write this at the beginning of Summer, but I lost track of time, and lots of stuff has happened since then. But if I could disappear into my favorite fandoms I believe I wouldn't suffer with what I do now. "Today, we have a juicy truth and an even juicier dare from a new friend of mine and fellow Diodeshipper !

3) Yes, I've been watching some of the older episodes. If only I could, if only it were possible Than this is how I imagine it would go. I'd aid Perry and Doof on their daily missions Defeat the evil than head on home. the use of a word in different senses or the use of words similar in sound to achieve a specific effect, as humor or a dual meaning; pun.[from Latin from Greek paronomazein "to call with a slight change of name," from para- "closely resembling" onoma "name."] (seh'-kund buh-nan'-nuh) n. [From Middle English from Late Latin putativus from Latin putatus, from past participle of putare "to think."] (sin'-krun-iss'-it-tee) n.I'm lucky that my grandmother let me sleep for another hour and a half, but I was still tired. First is acting, then I think it's Biology, Drawing Painting, then Socials. I think I had a temporary rush of excitement and optimism when I met these three students-2 girls and one guy-who Can I Disappear Into My Fandoms? Therefore, there WILL BE spelling and grammar mistakes. I have a bad habit of spelling it 'Meouth' not 'Meowth' I'm pretty sure I fixed them all up, but... Then for the second half, I have Pre-Calc, Chemistry, English, and some sort of computer course. They talk as though I cannot hear They act as though I cannot see I tell them I know what they all do They then proceed to ignore me, as though I don't exist. I've been getting accustomed to the English names after watching the new X and Y episodes in Japanese. Well, there are many reasons why I chose this specific episode! This episode takes place after practically every major moment between Meowth and Pikachu. Phineas and Ferb would welcome me Than we'd get down to inventing and fun. We'd get back in time to hear Phineas say"Oh, there you are, Perry! In my dreams Skipper would have me join his team We'd train and play and have some fun!

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