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C., and median income increased in 16 states and Washington, D. Estimates of households with income under ,000 and households receiving food stamp/SNAP benefits are two other conditions potentially related to poverty status.

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I grabbed her and put her back in the seat, the president’s body fell into her lap. The president was killed on my duty.” He “never” felt he deserved to be awarded the highest bravery medal after the assassination.

Nearly 30 years of guilt about this “failure” contributed to a period of destructive drinking and “cutting myself off” from loved ones, leading to “almost complete seclusion”. Hill, who was assigned to Mrs Kennedy between 19, recalls games of touch-football at the Kennedy “compound” at Hyannis Port and the sketch-pad on which Jackie Kennedy plotted state dinners.

WHEN Clint Hill heard the first shot he leapt on to the back of the presidential limousine, seeing John F Kennedy grab at his throat.

“My only thought was, ‘There are going to be more shots’,” Hill, the Secret Service agent assigned to protect Jacqueline Kennedy, recalls of November 22, 1963, the day JFK was assassinated in Dallas. I thought, ‘I have to shield them’.” In his memoir, ‘Mrs Kennedy and Me’, Hill, now 81, writes of the third shot: “The impact was like the sound of something hard hitting something hollow — like the sound of a melon shattering into cement ...

Twelve years on, their fabulous finds have been exposed to public view for the first time after more than a millennium spent beneath the silt and water of Aboukir Bay, 20 miles north-east of Alexandria.

Among the discoveries are colossal statues of the Egyptian goddess Isis, the god Hapi, and an unidentified Egyptian pharaoh — all preserved in immaculate condition by their muddy burial shroud.You may have noticed that around that time, the line for Baker extends past Lesher and up the walkway to the quad.Worst part of it all, by the time Laura from Sodexo swipes you in, you and your friends have no place to sit because all of the seats have been claimed with cell phones, wallets, and lanyards. There's no reason for you to wait on such a long line and find yourself scavenging for a seat.In the same instant, blood, brain matter and bone fragments exploded from the back of the president’s head ...and splattered all over me — on my face, my clothes, in my hair.” Mrs Kennedy scrambled out of her seat, “because there were bits of the president’s brain, blood and bone on the car’s right rear and she was trying to retrieve them. I could see it was fatal.” Mrs Kennedy was saying, “Jack, Jack, what have they done to you,” and screamed, “My God! ” Today Hill says: “I completely failed in my responsibilities.Hill didn’t like Aristotle Onassis — “to say the least” — when Mrs Kennedy holidayed on board his yacht, Christina, in 1963.

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