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A physician can use ESR to monitor a person with an associated disease.

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But last week, in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise, that’s exactly what we got, with researchers publishing the results from lab tests done last year by Chris Froome. What does it take to win the Tour de France three times?

And how does Froome compare to the average well-trained cyclist? After a dominant solo win on Stage 10 of the 2015 Tour de France, Chris Froome found himself accused of diplaying ‘supra-physiological’ abilities.

The rate increase follows a rise in temperature and white blood cells count, peaks after several days, and usually lasts longer than the elevated temperature or white blood cells count.

The ESR test is a simple test dating back to the ancient Greeks.

Team Sky were left defending their rider’s performance and did so by releasing Froome’s power data from the stage.

This move only sparked further controversy with suggestions the numbers provided by Sky didn’t correlate with Froome’s dominating performance and that, based on the numbers provided, Froome should have been beaten by those who finished well behind him.

A specific amount of diluted, unclotted blood is placed in a special narrow tube and left undisturbed for exactly one hour.

The red cells settle towards the bottom of the tube, and the pale yellow liquid (plasma) rises to the top.

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