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I have several feeds setup in the Feed Aggregator ( admin/config/services/aggregator ) in Drupal 7.

I know that my cron job is running regularly - by checking admin/reports/dblog But the when I look at the feeds list, the "LAST UPDATE" for each of them shows dates from over a week ago. click update items then the feed is refreshed and new items are available.

rss not updating android-14

Released early in 2015, Palabre stormed onto the scene with its beautiful integration of Material Design, as well as a few more customization features that couldn’t be found elsewhere.

The app still dominates the home screen of many, and holds up against new comers time and time again.

My Word Press installation was working quite well, however it recently stopped properly updating feeds when new posts are published.

I may have deleted a tranistent feed table using the Clean Options Word Press plugin.

I have searched this site already and not found an existing question about this problem.

I did find RSS feed not updating using feeds module but that question is about the Yup, trying to solve my own question (again): Similar problem here: and the possible solution here: Update The above solution was about a database fix to do with feeds that have more than one category.

I have loads of different websites that I follow whenever I have some down time.

Whether I’m at work, home, or out and about for the day, I usually always check out my RSS feeds, and I also check out anything else that I missed, right before I hit the hay for the day.

On my Some of these apps are just Feedly aggregates and provide a different experience than what is already included in the Feedly app.

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