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Because I didn't judge him or blame the teenage girl, he's learned that he can use me as a sounding board.

Ugh, and then there’s that famous line, “It’s not you, it’s me.” Although it has had a long-running monopoly over the rejection marketplace, its value has significantly diminished.

It feels cheap and wimpy because, of course, he or she is breaking up with you because you have the worst morning breath ever. In our search for a reason and in an attempt to get a handle on the unknown, we turn on ourselves. Everything about him is strong and clearly defined: face, body, brain. He’s the guy that makes you want to pick up your power tools and go to work. She made him feel funny on the inside and stupidly smile on the outside and found himself distracted at work.

As he pulled into traffic, he said quietly, "Laurie and I broke up today." Laurie had been his steady girlfriend for nearly a year.

I had to say something, but I wasn't sure what words would comfort him. I glanced at him and saw that he had tears flowing down his cheeks. She wants to be friends." "And how do you feel about it? He didn't want his father or older brothers to see him red-faced and tear-stained. What he didn't need to hear was that he was young and there was plenty of time to find a lasting relationship.

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Relationship expert Ellie Burrows explains the psychology behind why we sometimes get rejected – and why we shouldn’t drive ourselves to crazy trying to figure out what we could have done differently. They assume that the object of their desire ended things because they were bad in bed or fat or didn’t play it cool enough.

People generally default to their insecurities when it comes to rejection.

And somehow when he leaves, she feels like there was something wrong with her. And he said one of the more fascinating things I heard all week: “There was so much sex falling into my bed at the time. So sometimes it is easier to reject one person, wonderful and perfect as they may be, than to reject a thousand others.

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