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If you have further questions, use this contact form.A Registration cost of 5 is required to join the program and must be paid before you will be accepted into the service.Modern matchmaking services can be quite expensive and require you to pay up front fees for a limited amount of match ups with no guarantee on finding love.

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If you’re trying to find a match, but feel that you want or need a professional to pre-screen potential matches specifically tailored to what you are looking for, then you may want to try a Toronto matchmaking service.

A Toronto matchmaking service recognizes the need for a professional matchmaker to provide in-depth services dedicated to getting to know you and potential matches individually before suggesting that the two of you should meet.

Step 1 – Send your contact info and pay the $125 matchmaking membership fee. Step 2 – You are contacted to arrange a matchmaking consultation with one of our matchmakers.

Your matchmaker then meets you at a convenient time in one of the following cities: Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton. This is where we will learn about you and the qualities you are looking for in a potential mate.

Hire Shanny as your personal “Wingwoman” and get exposed to Toronto’s single hotspots and learn how to become a singles magnet and improve your initial approach!

Thanks to technology, dating has literally turned into a game exploding with emoticons, selfies, and exclamation points.And, as it turns out, what we find attractive in a profile doesn't sync up with what we go for in the real world."People have elaborate laundry lists of qualities they think they want in a partner, and they like online dating profiles that fit this laundry list," Eastwick said.Become a member of SITC Matchmaking and let Shanny do the work for you. Shanny can be booked for a 60 minute session and can also do Skype sessions and help improve your dating strategies.Exclusive, personalized Matchmaking can save you time in your search for Mr. As Toronto’s dating expert, Shanny can immediately assess what areas you need assistance with and practices “mock dates” to get you in the zone and be successful on a first date.Relationships today are consumed with flirty text messages and awkward emails – where did face-to-face interaction even go?

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