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Please spread the word — first to let folks know of the directory being available again at its new URL, — and second to tell any poly-friendly professionals you might know, to ask them to submit new listings or update their old ones (instructions are at polyfriendly.org/ If you have questions, please contact us at polyfriendlyprofessionals (AT) . Geri is the original author of the booklet What Psychology Professionals Should Know About Polyamory, which you can email to your shrink so they can educate themself on their own time rather than yours. Clients in Sexually Open Relationships: Considerations for Therapists.

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I also work with people who have alternative sexual or gender identities.

I am a poly friendly and kink friendly therapist, and also welcome sex workers in my practice.

I think this is because I am an artist myself; I understand the creative process and I also understand how being a creative or artistic person can make you feel very different from “the norm.” But the great thing is, what makes us different makes us beautiful; I aim to bring the message of acceptance and support to everyone who walks in my door.

My other focuses are Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and trauma recovery, grief and loss, end of life therapy, and helping people reconnect with their creative selves.Have you ever wondered if an open relationship is for you?Celebs like Will & Jada, Mo’Nique & her husband, and even Brangelina have been open about dabbling in this lifestyle.All this is introduction to an interview out last week in the alternative Tuscon Weekly — with Kate Kincaid, "a therapist specializing in counseling gender and sexual minorities, people in alternative relationship models, and issues such as infidelity, mistrust, and ineffective communication. Understanding sexuality: implications of Rubin for relationship research and clinical practice. Additionally, she provides poly/kink-awareness trainings and workshops for other counselors." Polyamory 101: An Interview With Kate Kincaid By Ally Booker ... *Sexual and Relationship Therapy*, *29*(4), 476–482. I’m glad to be listed in this directory, which includes a number of colleagues here in Seattle and in the State of Washington.

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