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Kyungjae-hyung closes the van door behind them, hands them each pamphlets, and informs them that they'll be attending weekly couple’s counseling in between tour prep and the tour itself. ” says Yunho, and for once Changmin doesn’t say anything, because that about sums it up. Sehun, who is still called pup by some members, who's only ever learned to treat everyone equally, now has to learn how to use his power and his strength to earn the title of Alpha his father seems so insistent on giving to him. After escaping their captor, six newly freed souls chase the lives they missed - starting with high school.

that's usually when they forget to hide their cigs or somethingthat one after school member that had dating rumours with so ji sub had people digging that she must be using that one certain air freshener because so ji sub is using perfume from that brand..faves are the one about husband who thought his wife acted in porno (netizen csi proved him wrong) and who on infinity challenge voted for who during new member election.4561705Basically Jin posted a photo of himself eating and God knows how the fans were able to see a king sized condom in the background.

When he was young, he’d never really understood what the clock was all about.“When you get older, you’ll understand” His mother had told him.“But I don’t see the use of having a clock that doesn’t tell you the time” He’d stubbornly said.“It tells you something even more precious, it tells you the amount of time left until you meet that one person that was made just for you, that one person that’s yours and only yours. An old letter with an unfulfilled promise falls into the hands of Shim Changmin, a young man who buys an antique table. Would his thirty year old husband give him a curfew ?

Luck exists for everyone, but for this girl it never seems to end. But they've gone through tough times before and aren't willing to throw in the towel now - and this time they've got a new friend on their side.

Desiding to move from Sweden to Korea, with spending a few days in France for a K-Pop event, Frida heads to the airport to get the plane to Seoul and start her life there as a translator. Hopefully she'll be able to help when the witch returns to ruin things.

The two eventually got married.f(x)‘s Victoria and TVXQ‘s Changmin When Victoria uploaded photos of her food on to her Weibo account, fans noticed what appeared to be Changmin’s reflection on the spoon. what would've been a disaster about him sitting in a bathtub.

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun“Fans were zooming into my reflection on the tub faucet. Even during the IU incident, fans figured out that it was Eunhyuks house from the light reflected in IU’s eyes…3. is he one of those idols that don't ever show skin? lmaothe spoon thing is smth that's in the kpop hall of fame tbhbut are changmin and victoria still dating?

The ever rising stars, SEVENTEEN, just made their comeback with their new title track ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’.

The latest hit stems from the group’s first album of 2017, and the first since their ‘BOOM BOOM’ promotions.

Here are 10 K-idols who have clearly had plastic surgery.

Check out these 10 K-idols before and after having plastic surgery and see how much they have changed.

5 Hottest Female Idols With No Plastic Surgery Ever It’s no surprise that the celebs too have gone under the knife for enhancements and changes.

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