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With a bit of reading and some practice, calm and effective classroom management isn’t difficult to learn.

Using intimidation is remarkably stressful—filling you with apprehension, weighing you down with often-unrecognized guilt, and causing you to be in a state of perpetual conflict with your students.

School teachers are commonly the subject of bullying but they are also sometimes the originators of bullying within a school environment.

Parents intimidating teachers

What happens when parents fall out with their child’s school?

How can they drop their son or daughter off at the school gates when the relationship with the principal – or worse, the teacher – has broken down?

I sat quietly for most of the service with a friend. Through my work with Head Start programs across the country, I’ve had many opportunities to meet low-income parents and learn why they seem reluctant to get involved.

Suddenly my friend, a UNCC professor of child development and one of the few white people there, broke her silence. I’ve also discovered ways to encourage these parents so they understand -- and really believe - how important their contributions are to their children’s education. They may depend on public transportation or an unreliable car.

[Thomas Moore, "Poor parents find school intimidating" Charlotte Observer (02/11/03): 11A] It’s a myth that these families don’t care about education.

A few weeks ago, I drove to Gastonia for the funeral of my preschool teacher, Mytle Hoffman. Hoffman was known for her ability to motivate parents and for her dedication to educating young children.

As a visitor, you can feel it the moment you walk through the door.

The students are battle weary, excitable, and unsettled.

Rather than deal with the fear, they just don’t show up.

While lack of interest may be a problem in some families, it’s a myth that low-income parents aren’t as concerned about their children’s growth and development.

She responded "Amen" when the minister said, "Because she cared about the children, Mother Myrt encouraged the parents." I smiled and thanked God for the people who encourage parents. Others have jobs that prohibit leaving during the day, so they can’t volunteer at school or attend daytime conferences. But there’s an underlying issue few middle-class people recognize.

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