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The top law firms recruit the cream of the crop from the top law schools. There are plenty of prestigious law firms that recruit new lawyers from good law schools and that are quite picky about whom they select.

They believe that they need the very best and brightest lawyers in order to do such work effectively.

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You may include the initial articles "The", "An", "A" in your search, but you should exclude non-English initial articles, such as "Die," "Las," or "Un.".

For example: When searching for items whose first word looks like an initial article, i.e.

Municipal Courts are the judicial branch of city government.

In addition, the Municipal Court is part of the state judicial system.

Municipal Courts hear Misdemeanor criminal cases, including traffic violations, which is punishable by fine only, and for which no jail sentence may be assessed.

They also hear cases involving violation of city ordinances.We recommend using the Ebook title search page to find ebooks by title.When searching for items whose first word looks like an initial article, i.e.Addison Clark is a full-service marketing agency in Richmond, Virginia.Whether you're looking for a marketing strategy, a new website or great graphic design, we've got you covered. But there are a few firms that will, with rare exceptions, make offers only to the top students (those who make the law review) at the most elite law schools.

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