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I usually wonder why are these young men doing this?

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It's free to register on Fab and you don't have to pay to use our cam room :)Got any problems or questions?

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The ones that just get off and get on with it are OK, but the purveyors of tweak/pluck/ tickle/tease that are constantly tapping out messages make me wanna reach for a gun. If the performer is a cunt you just change the channel. Many of them can't converse in English, or at least not very well.

And who, WHO..gives a flying fuck in aspic about their goddamned Amazon wish lists? I actually spent most of my tokens on nice 30 year old straight-ish guys that I really enjoyed watching. So apart from the insane amount of tokes, people are buying his entire Amazon list and getting him gift cards left and right. Loads of Eastern European or Turkish guys expect the tokens to just flow without realizing people want to see them as persons and not just as hard dicks.

Cullen8 is a rather handsome man, but the user littlesumthinsumthin is model hot.

And you can tell how progressively adventurous he has gotten since he first started it.

Usa chat now is a fast growing online chat site made up todays top social technology.

Our fun chat rooms can be connected through many devices including cell phones, computers and ipads. With our no registration chat rooms you can decide to be a member later and our chat rooms require no download.

We are now recording everything that's said in the chatroom and are banning members who spoil the fun for others.

To report idiots in chat, click through to their profile, hit "Report User" link.

Why, may I ask, with gazillabytes of free porn out there.you people obsess over these token-scrounging cam whores? And believe me tokens weren't number one on my shopping list at the time. Many guys don't realize that if you really want to have a fan following you need to engage in conversation and make yourself likable.

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