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MORRIS - The Morris Woman's Club wants to get out the message to young people who are dating or beginning to date what a healthy relationship looks like.

Julie Erickson, a member of MWC said the club has recently changed direction and has decided to become a "working club," one that takes part in the community.

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View the full list “Nice guys finish last” is one of the most widely believed maxims of dating.

The series is inspired by THE LAST GIRLFRIEND ON EARTH, a selection of darkly comic short-stories written by series creator (and SNL writing alum) Simon Rich.

While some parts of the show tell a very literal story, this comedy takes a surrealistic point-of-view on the exciting and anxiety ridden dating pool.

Fleshed out, the idea goes something like this: heterosexual women might say they want nice characteristics in a partner, but in reality what they want is the challenge that comes with dating a “bad boy.” This idea is so widespread that some people are even making money off the back of it, selling self-help books and teaching men how to pick up women by insulting them—a practice known as “negging.”Recently, an article published by Broadly claimed, “Everyone knows [bad boys] … Thanks to a recent study, this is now scientifically verifiable.”The research it refers to is a study published earlier this year, which suggested that some men smoke and drink because this makes them more attractive short-term partners.

Leaving aside the obvious point that the article is conflating “bad” with drinking and smoking (as Girl on the Net writes, “badness” is really a lot more than just smoking 20 a day or drinking like there’s no tomorrow), is it really true that women prefer bad boys (read: insensitive, macho jerks)?

The event is named "Let's Workout to Knock Out Domestic Violence" and will be held in Morris at The Fitness Bar, a fitness center located on Bedford Road.

Erickson said the group felt, with Valentine's Day coming up and prom just around the corner, it was the perfect time for students in seventh through 12th grade to have the discussion.

According to "Violent behavior often begins between sixth and 12th grade.

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