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Our forum currently has over 24888 active discussion topics about the show.

And you will also find all the latest Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan videos, news, cast, synopsis, photo gallery, and much more only on

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Knowing even basic Hindi, whether for heritage, business, or pure curiosity, will allow you to communicate with over 1 billion people on this planet and become immersed in a rich language and culture.

MTV Love School is a popular reality show amongst the youngsters.

It was launched in 1996 and is now part of the Viacom 18 Media Pvt.

Ltd based in Mumbai, a 50/50 joint venture operation between Viacom Inc. MTV India is one of the oldest music television networks in Asia.

You'd best take this quiz and find out who you really are, deep inside.

And then tag a friend you know will ace (and appreciate) this too. Be blatantly honest with your answers for best results. After a gruelling box office clash between Kaabil and Raees last week, this time there are two light-hearted releases lined up.Maybe you're the first in the room to ask for extra sheets.Perhaps you're the type who pretends the exam was shit, only to end up with a 90% and everyone's curses.Join the story of students, friends, foes and lovers at SPACE.A coming of age tale splashed with a liberal dose of fantasy, romance and adventure; tune in to MTV Kaisi Yeh #Yaariaan for a love story that isn't fated but is ... Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan TV Show forum is a very active community of Indian television viewers worldwide discussing MTV India's Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan TV Show.Learning the Hindi Alphabet Learning Hindi Grammar Practicing Words and Phrases in Hindi Expanding Your Knowledge Community Q&A Hindi (मानक हिन्दी) is the first official language of India, alongside English, and is spoken as a lingua franca across the Indian subcontinent and Indian diaspora.

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