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Under King Mohammed VI, it has had a lot of religious reform, introducing the concept of women imams, promoting gender parity with women not stopped from wearing modern clothes or working alongside men, and being vigilant in keeping extremism at bay.

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Nowadays, for numerous Muslims, homosexuality is symbolic for those aspects of Western societies that are deemed sinful and dangerous.

In discussions, homosexuality is often framed as an exclusively sexual activity; void of emotion; an instance of indulgence in perversion and decadence.

It’s important for north African writers to show they have other things to say.” Leila Slimani, whose novel In the Garden of the Ogre has just won the Prix La Mamounia literary prize in Morocco.

Photograph: C Hélie Gallimard , the main character, Adèle wakes up with her face in an ashtray, crawls on all fours to vomit in the toilet, and eventually makes it to the shower where she realises her genitals are bruised and bleeding.

A seemingly interminable series of sexual encounters ensue.

They are never titillating, aways sordid and joyless. has just won the Prix La Mamounia; the literary award considered the Moroccan equivalent of the French Prix Goncourt.Even when you emailed out of hours you’d get a reply the next day without fail.They were fantastic when it came to sorting out our arrivals etc as they just needed flight details.The two, who police and Moroccan officials said were important members (first and second vice-presidents) of the Movement for Unification and Reform (MUR), were presented the day after their arrest to the prosecutor, who ordered their conditional release, fixing trial for September 1.Ben Hamad is a member of the World Union of Muslim Ulema and the General Secretariat of The League of Ulema Ahl Assounna which sends him as a special emissary of the MUR on preaching missions abroad, particularly during the month of Ramadan.A senior Moroccan official said the scandal exposed the hypocrisy of the Islamists who were giving a bad name to the religion and taking advantage of the gullibility common people with their distorted preachings.

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