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It can take account of personal relationships of mutual trust and confidence in small parties, particularly, for example, where there is a breach of an understanding that all of the members may participate in the business, Upon hearing the application, the court may either dismiss the petition, or make the order for winding-up.

The court may dismiss the application if the petitioner unreasonably refrains from an alternative course of action.

Generally the primary reasons to liquidate are to get rid of surplus or idle assets, to obtain additional working capital, or to pay off creditors.

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As a business strategy, it is important that you know when and how to convert assets into cash.

While liquidating assets is an essential part of bankruptcy procedures, companies also use liquidation as a means to free up cash, even in the absence of financial hardship.

In United Kingdom and United States law and business, liquidation is the process by which a company (or part of a company) is brought to an end, and the assets and property of the company are redistributed.

Liquidation is also sometimes referred to as winding-up or dissolution, although dissolution technically refers to the last stage of liquidation.

The type of asset may determine how quickly it can be liquidated.

Assets are listed on the balance sheet in order of liquidity.With websites such as Craigslist or e Bay, it is very easy to sell small and large items alike and you can reach a wider audience.If you are considering selling antiques or collectibles you can also consider local auctions houses or selling them to a reputable dealer.The good news is that there are many easy ways to sell items of value these days.You can hold a garage sale with a few friends or family or take out an ad in local paper for larger items.Selling items in a consignment shop is another option.

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