Keep windows from validating word

DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, etc), nor does it validate macros or other custom items. not in a trusted location and not a trusted document) is loaded by Word, Power Point, or Excel it goes through a check to see if it is a valid file.What it does validate is the structure of the file, for example if you have a XLS file that has a FONTINDEX structure with the ifnt value set to 4 (which is an invalid value for that particular item) then it fails validation. This check looks at the specific bits of the file that the application is about to parse, in other words the relevant OLESS Streams.

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Keep windows from validating word

However to install Microsoft Security Essentials, the user must go through the genuine validation check first.

If the genuine validation passes, the installation continues but if failed, the user cannot proceed with the installation showing the message “This copy of Windows did not pass genuine validation. Right click on mssefullinstall-x86fre-en-us-xp.exe, go to 7-Zip and click Extract to “mssefullinstall-x86fre-en-us-xp.exe\” 3.

One of the questions I get asked again and again is how to validate a field value in an Acro Form with a custom validation script.

Adobe provided a lot of infrastructure to do that with just a simple script.

Within a few seconds you will get a message “This copy of Windows passed genuine validation”.

You can now update and use Microsoft Security Essentials as normal. We have tried it on Windows 7 and got the error message “Unable to change access to memory region! Unfortunately every running with Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode also won’t work.

Microsoft Security Essentials is the free antivirus developed and provided by Microsoft for free to Windows XP, Vista and 7 users.

It has been very good detection against virus and it is light which does not put a lot of load on your computer.

The reasons why the formats are complex have been discussed sufficiently elsewhere (see Joel Spolsky's article here) so we wont go into that discussion here, however these binary formats are very well documented here.

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