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This sample is using Access Data Source control to bind to the List View control.List View provides built in support for sort functionality.Even when hard-coding the values, the code runs successfully but the values aren't saved. Allow Unsafe Updates = True current Item("Prior Price") = 5.25 current Item. Web, and do not dispose of it (do not put inside a block). Allow Unsafe Updates unless you are specifically trying to update an item inside a GET request. Allow Unsafe Updates lightly as it exists to protect against vulnerabilities.

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List View is a data bound control similar to Data List and Data Repeater controls but it provides edit, insert, and delete , sort operations on the data that it bounded like a Grid View control.

Unlike Grid View control List View gives the user full control over the rendering of the page.

using templates and styles(CSS) the user can generate clean HTML UI according to his needs.

Data Pager Web control is used to page data and display navigation controls for data-bound controls that implement the IPageable Item Container interface.

Are you able to debug your Event Receiver when you modify an item in the list? It appears no matter what you do to the after properties it doesn't change anything It is nice to update Title in Item Adding and Item Updating events since extra Updates are avoided (without Disable Event Firing), and the "Edit Properties view" will already have the Title filled in Some code example to update title based on filename. For working with Title in Lists, ["Title"] needs to be used.

I have loged the value before an after changing and can see the value change.

He wants to store the prior values in some other fields on the item when the item is updated (yes, I know versioning would be easier, but I'm at his mercy here).

So I need to move the old values of these fields to different fields.

Because Item Updated is asynchronous, the user may not see their new values when they see the list after submitting the edit.

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