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Rocky Mountain Fly (12) with jockey Stevie Gillum aboard, narrowly edges Political Option (3), with John Hamilton in the irons, to win the Louisiana Champions Day Quarter Horse Derby at Fair Grounds Race Course in New Orleans on Dec. Horse race fixers have long used “ringers” to pull off betting coups, but a new kind of ringer -- genetic duplicates cloned from the DNA of yesterday’s champions -- could soon be barreling around a racetrack near you if two Texas horsemen have their way.In a lawsuit set for trial Tuesday in Texas, the horsemen are asking a federal judge to force the American Quarter Horse Association to register cloned horses and their offspring, arguing that it is violating antitrust law by refusing to do so. The clones would in many cases be genetic duplicates of quarter horse royalty like Tailor Fit, a two-time world champion -- and a gelding -- who now has a young copy named Pure Tailor Fit.

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Cloning critics say allowing the procedure could concentrate the genetic pool and undermine efforts to improve the breed.

In a statement on its website, the AQHA says it intends to vigorously defend its ban, arguing that as a voluntary private association it has the right to set rules favored by a majority and citing a recent survey that found 86 percent of its members oppose cloning.

Bergen, 42, lives in Eagle Point, Ore., and he’s recognized as one of the industry’s most talented, most versatile horsemen – though he’d be the last one to admit to such.

Coming into November, he’d earned $225,650 for the 2011 season, putting his lifetime record at $3.4 million.

This month, he’s competing on multiple horses at the American Quarter Horse Association World Show and the National Reining Horse Association Futurity.

Last month, he won the National Reined Cow Horse Association Futurity aboard Shiners Dun Juan, and then a few weeks later competed at the Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association Futurity.He is a registered American Quarter Horse (AQHA) gelding whose full name is Lucky's Regal Cresent.He's our "steady Eddy," with a solid stance to hold any unbalanced rider. Regal loves his clients and turns it on to help them gain their independence.So where does one begin with a guy like Todd Bergen? He makes riding world class look easy, but it definitely isn’t.His is a self-made story of hard work, risk and perseverance, but it’s so much more than that.He loves to roll in the mud and scratch his belly while laying on the ground.

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