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With rich new file management features—including browsing, copying, moving, renaming and deleting—and trusted compression, encryption and sharing, Win Zip 21 offers a whole new way to work with your files.

This software release also delivers important updates and bug fixes.

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I had three instances of Common Software Manager suddenly show up probably due to a couple of failed installations of Dragon 12 and then one successful install. I used the moderately safe uninstall and even with that there were over 600 registry entries to be deleted plus around 60 folders.

I just finished and everything seems to be working great. "FLEXnet Connect is a solution that Flexera Software sells to software vendors that is designed to help you stay connected with your customers after they install your applications.

The program appeared to be on but no feature worked. Customer support is non existant because you cannot enter the problem and no email address is available.

No street address is available and only a USA phone number is available even on the official UK site.

Roxio Burn is a commercial packet writing application for Microsoft Windows that allows optical disk storage devices to be used in a manner similar to floppy disks.

Instead of writing to a CD-R or DVD-R in tracks, packet writing preformats the disk as small sectors which it can read and write to individually.

While Roxio’s focus is on transferring analog video tapes to DVDs, Easy VHS to DVD for Mac will work with just about any analog source, including cable boxes, camcorders, and other devices.

Easy VHS to DVD for Mac works with older dual-processor G5 Macs as well as newer Intel Macs, making it a versatile choice for users of both generations of Macs.

I have 3 Nuance software packages installed (Dragon/Omn/PDF) and they appear to be working normally.

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