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For over 6 months of the year, you are confined to the walls of your home, the numbers in your telephone and your Facebook chat list. Why would you dig your car out of 2 feet of hardened snow to meet up with someone who you don’t even know if you’ll like?

That’s why we tend to stick to our group of tried and true friends and don’t bother to branch out unless we And if you work at Target Corporate, you better keep movin’ pal cuz nobody wants that Stepford/hipster hybrid cramping their heroin chic apartment.

Read the full story from […] Abiitan Mill City Turns Aging into Freeflowing Luxury As the current millennium dawned, Minneapolis’s Mill District underwent a radical renaissance.

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Gay dating in minneapolis

For decades it had lain more or less dormant after decades as the world’s largest […] The pool is an odd concept.

A giant hole in the ground filled with water used for recreational swimming? The first pool “Great Bath,” built in modern-day Pakistan, is believed […] By Bonnie Hancock Look no further than your backyard for the perfect getaway.

It's true that the state has a reputation as being harder to crack than others (mostly because the overall percentage of recent newcomers is smaller than some places), but there's certainly plenty of people out there looking for friends.

It sounds like whatever you're doing now isn't working, so maybe try something radically different; if you are already volunteering then change the place or type of work you're doing, if you're religious then join a church or temple or mosque, etc.

So what, does that mean you’re all a bunch of honestly nice people who like to go out and have fun with each other? These are the dates I went on this year: You see, folks?

Minneapolis may have dropped a notch on the "Most Literate City" list this week, but the metropolis picked up a new title: Gayest City in America.

Here are my thoughts on the article and what they left out: So: who’s packin’ their bags for good ol’ MPLS?!

Certainly there are very different realities among the different types of people who reside in Minneapolis.

"Last year, we looked at same-sex couples, gay-marriage equality, gay bars and the number of gay films on Netflix favorites pages.

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