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Keep in mind: Contrary to what many people claim, no one has ever hacked into Neopets, accessed user information, accounts or usernames.

The ONLY means by which a user can have an account stolen is when they inadvertently or intentionally gives away their password.

Words that sound just like the sound they are trying to describe is what these verses are all about! You loved our previous collection so much we asked our team of writers to come up with some more. Roses are Red Poems : Those beloved Roses are Red poems are back in this delightful, updated collection from My Word Wizard.

Whether you're still a kid in school, or looking to relive cherished childhood memories, you'll find humorous poems here just for you!

Onomatopoeia Poems : Remember those words that sound just like the sound they are designed to depict? You and your kids will love this very special selection of humorous poems that put these words to poetic use!

More Onomatopoeia Poems : They squeak, crinkle, shatter, bump and screech.

The eldest son, Hovhannes-Smbat (1020–41), gained control of Ani while his younger brother, Ashot IV (1020–40), controlled other parts of the Bagratuni kingdom.

Hovhannes-Smbat, fearing that the Byzantine Empire would attack his now-weakened kingdom, made the Byzantine Emperor Basil II his heir.

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