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So we're looking for/want to use the Pyrex that's labelled in all capital letters?? ETA: I'd forgotten that I mostly have Anchor Hocking brand. but I wondered about the one exploding thing happening so now, no worries!

I do have old Pyrex measuring cups and also an old Pyrex casserole dish of my grandmother's. If any of you are interested, Google "exploding Pyrex". must say though years and years ago, oh my maybe like 25? Myra in West Texas Does anyone know if Anchor Hocking is made of the same material as Pyrex?

Pyrex (trademarked as PYREX) is a brand introduced by Corning Inc.

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Pyrex glass ovenware has been essential kitchen equipment since the early twentieth century.

It was first marketed in the UK just after the First World War and became a hit with many households.

These designs had a timeless elegance that make them just as good today as they were in the 50s and 60s.

Pyrex was first marketed in 1915 by Corning Glass Works in the US.

I have a few pieces that I know are the new stuff, so I will no longer use them in the oven or microwave, just the fridge.

However, I have a few that I don't recall when I bought them.

The Pyrex name and formula was sold to another company in 1998.

They have since changed the formula, and those are all the ones that have been exploding in people's ovens, kitchens, etc.

Corning removed the lead from Nonex and developed it as a consumer product.

The word PYREX is probably a purely arbitrary word which was devised in 1915 as a trade-mark for products manufactured and sold by Corning Glass Works.

I know the colored stuff (milk colored w/ colored exteriors) is all pre-1998came up with this in a google search. European trademark usage differs from American and the encircled "R" is not present on European PYREX items.

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