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The quickest way to adapt to his relationship with his mother is to determine what type of mama’s boy he is. Whether it’s a phone call or weekend getaway, does he initiate most of the interactions with his mom? Does he constantly compare everything you do or say to his mother? Knowing what type of mama’s boy you are dating will help you come up with strategies to make it in the long run.

If your guy is an initiator, don’t force change in the relationship.

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However, your relationship with him may benefit from some of the positive effects that a maternal influence can have on him.

Dating a mama’s boy can mean that you’ll be in a relationship with an emotionally mature man.

So, why is it that some mothers don’t want to see their son growing up, loving another woman and not needing them anymore for every decision they make? Without Mom The old saying goes like this: “A daughter is a daughter for life; a son is a son until he takes a wife.” While many moms may have resigned themselves to this possibility, it seems like some Jewish moms just aren’t prepared (or willing) to accept it.

I think what it might come down to is that when you, as a mother, have a daughter, that daughter will always be your girl.

A budding romance holds the promise of wonderful things: real intimacy, steady companionship, and the end of loneliness that many singles feel until they make that ultimate connection.

Yet one reality that haunts far too many relationships is an enmeshed relationship between a grown man and his mother, a dynamic that is captured in the vernacular with the term "Mama's boy." A romantic relationship is doomed to suffer if a new husband relies too heavily on his mother for anything, whether it is money, approval or emotional support.

Too many times women try to change certain qualities about their boyfriend or husband’s relationship with his mother but to no avail.

More than likely, he’s had his relationship with his mother his whole life, and he’ll continue to have that relationship with or without you.

It shows a sign of trust, stability and commitment in the relationship.

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