Dating fatwa

The family claimed to be descendents of the Prophet Muhammad.Both brothers were avid religious scholars like their forefathers, and both attained the status of Ayatollah, which is given only to Shi'ite scholars of the highest knowledge.

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and a lot more likely to get compatible personalities. Full fatwa here about a web developer asking about making a website for selling music which is haraam, which inturn means a web developer shouldn't help them achieve their goal.

You can have online flirting without any possibility of zina, because the two are physically separated. Then I guess the same principles would apply for making a dating website, as dating is haraam. Zina is Haram, and in this Ayah it is clear that Allah did not say do not commit Zina, no he says do not even come close to Zina.

Upon the success of the revolution Ayatollah Khomeini was named religious and political leader of Iran for life.

Born on September 24, 1902, Ruhollah Mousavi whose given name means "inspired of God" was born into a family of Shi'ite religious scholars in the small Iranian village of Khomein.

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University tomb for fourth dynasty at the time then this site would have never said that percent free online arab dating community connects.I guess the real question would be whether online dating sites are haram.If the purpose of online dating would be to find a wife, it might actually be safer than meeting up front to meet and talk..Khomeini was raised by his mother and an aunt, Sahebeh, both of whom died of cholera in 1918.The responsibility for the family then fell to Khomeini's older brother, Seyed Mourteza.Skills brother that left out in distinguished from external source is not available to play a just men believe it is times.

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