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Hoax expert Kenneth Feder says the peer reviewed work of Mary L.

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Huston Mc Culloch compared the letters of the inscription to both Paleo-Hebrew and Cherokee and concluded that the fit as Paleo-Hebrew was substantially better than Cherokee.

He also reported a radiocarbon date on associated wood fragments consistent with Gordon's dating of the script.

was made up of two records: one record which he recorded in Los Angeles with producer Chris Seefried and session players Charlie Gillingham, Don Heffington and Rob Wasserman and a second record recorded in Nashville with Tim Brennan and Daniel Scobey.

The record is a 15 songs long, and is made up of two CDs each with their own music genre: The White disc is made up of a progressive soul and Americana vibe, while the Red disc is darker and has more of a rock sound.

The pizza is good, but for the price there are several other great options in Nashville.

Learn more about this shift in thinking, cognitive and emotional biases, investor types, and how to communicate with your clients more effectively!

His song "Satisfy Me" was released in March 2015 and received consistent radio airplay.

His major-label record debut, Delilah, was released on the Low Country Sound imprint via Elektra in July 2015.

Get a taste of “Music City” at E-Fest East during a live performance from one of Nashville’s most electrifying bluegrass bands, Humming House, as they rock the TTU campus.

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