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Four of them are majoring in engineering and the fifth in veterinary medicine. Each contributed 1,000 Israeli shekels (4) to buy five donkeys. The first of its kind in the city of Nablus, Donkey Tours allows people to tour the city on the back of a donkey.

Dating back 3,000 years, Sebastia is seen as one of the most important archaeological towns in Nablus governorate and the largest archaeological site in Palestine. Given its historical archaeological significance, the town lies within the borders of Area C, which is administratively and legally controlled by Israel under the 1993 Israeli-Palestinian Declaration of Principles (Oslo Accord).

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We found animal bones and dung piles so intact, we could analyze the food the animals were fed with precision.

After she had ended up taking his watch home by mistake, the mystery man even informed her it was worth €20 (roughly £17) but told her not to post it back because “it’d be too painful to receive the watch in the post and remind me of you”. I had a really nice time with you and the truth is I’m a bit devastated atm having read your note.

"While there is no explicit description of 'King Solomon's mines' in the Old Testament, there are references to military conflicts between Israel and the Edomites in the Arava Valley," says Dr. "According to the Bible, David traveled hundreds of miles outside of Jerusalem and engaged in military conflict in the desert -- striking down '18,000 Edomites in the Valley of Salt.' Now, having found evidence of defensive measures -- a sophisticated fortification -- we understand what must have been at stake for him in this remote region: copper." Military threats "Copper was a rare product and very challenging to produce," Dr. "Because copper -- like oil today, perhaps -- was the most coveted commodity, it landed at the very heart of military conflicts.

Erez Ben-Yosef of TAU's Institute of Archaeology and one of the leaders of the Timna research and excavation team, along with his colleagues Dr. The discovery of the fortification indicates a period of serious instability and military threats at that time in the region." In the remarkably intact two-room fortification, located in one of the largest smelting camps in the Timna Valley, the researchers also found evidence of a complex long-distance trade system that probably included the northern Edomite plateau, the Mediterranean coastal plain and Judea.

Some believe that the fabled mines of King Solomon were located among copper smelting camps in Israel's Timna Valley.

An advanced military fortification -- a well-defined gatehouse complex -- unearthed recently at Timna, including donkey stables, points to the community's highly-organized defense system and significant dependence on long-distance trade. The fortification dates to the reigns of Kings David and Solomon in the 10th century BCE.

Make a wrong move, and you’ve lost out on valuable time you could have spent meeting your real someone special (as well as the price of an entrée and drinks).

Of course, everyone is a so-called expert these days, and you’ll find many bloggers claiming they have the best advice.

NABLUS, West Bank — Five friends were hanging out in a cafe and came up with an idea that would be profitable and fun at the same time.

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