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() Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said he believes there is "a historic opportunity" for a breakthrough in talks aimed at reuniting Cyprus.The two sides have been trying to strike an accord for decades.

They lived in the same neighborhoods and villages, built churches and mosques beside one another, and did business with one another. Inevitable tensions fomented, stirred up over the favoritism showed by the Ottoman government for Turks and the British for Greeks.

But, by the standards of their genocidal age, they did okay. As British Colonial rule was finally coming to an end, the Greek population (until now heavily favored, politically and economically, by the British) got the idea to annex Cyprus to Greece.

He had said, inter alia, the following: “[…] There is a rule in the Special War Department.

In order for increasing the people’s resistance, sabotage is carried out to some values presented as if the enemy did it.

They do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Hellenic Council.

The presence of Turkish troops on a potentially reunited Cyprus has split leaders taking part in UN-sponsored talks.

Let’s say you’re a super-rich movie star in the late 1960s who wants to party on a beach. If not a trip with quite the same grandeur, it would be ten times as convenient.

Instead of spending six months bouncing from country to country, circumnavigating the Mediterranean, you could just spend a week in Cyprus and see all the same things.

Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper () reports that retired General Sabri Yirmibesoglu, former Head of Turkey’s Special War Department, has died in Istanbul at the age of 88.

The paper recalls that in an interview to Haber Turk in 2010, Yirmibesoglu explained the working system of the above-mentioned Department and admitted that they had set mosques on fire in Cyprus. Source: PIO @Cypriot_Puzzle Why have they waited until now to say this? Absolutely despicable @Anastasiades CY @Espen Barth Eide About 2 days ago from Free Cyprus's Twitter · reply · retweet · favorite And here's another #genius @Cypriot_Puzzle #Cavusoglu: Immovable over guarantees, #Turkish troops stay in #Cyprus #Cy Prob #Grab ASnickers #UN…

Kotzias clarified that the Greek government was not involved in the five stages of the negotiation adding that he even refused to express his opinion to Cyprus’ government. President Donald Trump, Kotzias said that his election expressed objective and international trends and phenomena that exist and globally and in the EU.

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