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During the height of the Great Depression, this company was so successful that they built a new manufacturing facility in Providence, RI, and almost all of the work was done "in-house".

While quality, complexity of design and calibre of components was reflected in the price point where it was marketed, I have not ever seen a piece that was poorly constructed.

The higher end lines were sold at high end department stores, while the less expensive lines were sold in smaller department stores and "dimestores" such as Woolworths.

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I am a geek vintage fashion blogger of the old and new.

Join my world as I explore jewellery and fashion from past to present with weird and wacky to the so so normal.

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In business from around the turn of the 20th century until the late 1970's, Coro was one of the most, if not the most, prolific costume jewelry companies of all time.

The name Coro came from a contraction of the first two letters of the last names of the original owners, Cohn and Rosenberger.

After Trifari won a court case in 1955 for copyright infringement, patenting these types of designs was widely discontinued and replaced by the less-expensive process of design copyrighting.

It is obvious that Trifari and Coro patent information can be used to date pieces of their manufacture.

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