Dating bromo seltzer bottles

The value of historic bottles is escalating, sometimes garnering hundreds, even thousands of dollars each.

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The largest size bottles are somewhat scarcer, and harder to find than the typical small size (most common) which measures, in general, about 2 and 5/8″ in height.

20.75 cubic feet (33 boxes = 10 record storage boxes, 2 half-size record storage boxes, 3 flat boxes, 1 large bully box, 9 "shoebox" containers, 8 small flip-top boxes, 1 tube, 1 oversized box), 11th floor This collection contains objects (artifacts) related to true crime and its impact on literature and the arts.

The bottles are usually found in cobalt blue glass (they are also seen in aqua glass), in a variety of sizes.

The earlier bottles are hand-blown with a tooled lip, and the later examples are machine-made.

Although the bottle has disappeared, the headquarters clock tower still exists and now is home to artists’ studios.

Bromo Seltzer was a staple of the medicine cabinet at the turn of the century and it was one of the products that was one of the proprietary items of taxation of Schedule B of the War Revenue Act of 1898 that was enacted to pay for the the Spanish-American War.Most of us remember the over-the-counter medication Bromo Seltzer in the cobalt blue glass bottles.In fact the Emerson Drug Company’s headquarters in downtown Baltimore sported a rotating bottle in the shape and color of their product.For headache, disordered stomach and hang-over, to cool the blood and brain, to quiet pulsing nerves and drive the clouds of care away, not to mention nervous prostration, Bromo-Seltzer was the modern cure-all. Emerson, a Baltimore Druggist began widespread Bromo-Seltzer in November of 1890.The company incorporated in 1891 with factories in Maryland and New Jersey.He earned the rank of Captain during the Spanish American War.

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