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: OWEN-THOMAS THE OLD FORGE SHEFFIELD ENGLAND Notes: - C&A = Cockshutt & Armitage - M&H = Morgan and Henry - Mousehole Forge is the only known manufacturer to use dots/periods between the weight numbers, such as 1 . - Weight markings are in the British stone system to where the first represents multiples of 112 (1/20th long ton), the second multiples of 28 and the third remaining pounds. - Mousehole Forge was one of the last British anvil makers to change from the old style to the modern (more blocky) feet. - The origins of the name of Mousehole is not certain. That is the weight in the English stone system to where the first represents multiples of 112 (1/20th long ton), second multiples of 28 and third remaining pounds. Although other examples have been found, Mouse Hole Forge was essentially the only anvil manufacturer in England to use the punch marks between the numbers.

dating anvils-57

In England a bend in a river with a deep spot is known as a mousehole and Mousehole Forge was located at such as spot. Construction would be a body of at least two, perhaps up to seven, pieces of wrought iron with a steel plate of one or more pieces. Above MOUSE there may have been M & H (for Morgan and Henry) over ARMITAGE. On value, if it is in REALLY good condition, price was about right.

There is a coastal English town named Mousehole and it was well known as the site of a brief French invasion about the time the forge was started. If you have a Mousehole anvil and want this book on their history you can purchase one directly from Richard Postman at 320 Fisher Court, Berrien Springs, MI 49103 - 269-471-5426. 18 logos were similar, but the words were stacked a bit differently. I knew nothing about it, but I had been wanting one and bought it approx.$2 per pound. I'm not sure I can find this posting again but I would like any info. Richard Postman has published Mouse Hole Forge, a paperback, spiral bound book on its history.

The smattering of bone fragments, hammer-stones, and anvils now represents the oldest archeological site in the Americas, according to a study published in the journal on Wednesday.

The oldest widely accepted date for humanity's presence in North America is less than 15,000 years ago.

Used for support during the reparation of serrated iron sickles they bear characteristic serial use wear.

The serrated sickle was an important technical innovation.

I will post some pictures when I get a chance if anybody is interested.

Like I said I dont want to sell it, just wondering if I have some that never really thought about, (just a anvil).

It needs little (albeit special) maintenance and is efficient in reducing grain loss during harvest.

The first evidence for bone anvils, originally described as rasps/files, comes from Olbia in south-central Ukraine.

Morgan died in 1835 and Henry took over operation, putting his name on their anvils. His children were not old enough to operate the forge so it was run by a caretaker-type management. Hi To anyone interested my GGGGG grandfather was John Armitage anvil maker at Mousehole forge and my gggg grandfather Johns son and all his brothers were anvil makers at the same forge. (After then, Peter Wright pretty well dominated the British anvil export market.) There is nothing particularly rare or unusual about your anvil. Some manufacturers became so good at blending in the forge welding seams it is virtually impossible to see them.

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