Facetime adult listing - Consolidating student loans public and private

With an average balance of ,400, student debt is a big part of the average college graduate's life.

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Today, the answer to that question is probably yes!

7 out of 10 graduates are now graduating with some form of student loan debt.

If you don’t know which types of federal student loans you have, log in to My Federal Student Aid to get that information.

Generally, if you see a loan type with “Direct” in the name on My Federal Student Aid, then it is a Direct Loan; otherwise, it is a loan made under another federal student loan program.

In reality, though, not that many people end up being eligible.

Requirements vary depending on the type of loan, but most offer forgiveness for those employed in certain public-service occupations.Interest rates on student loans usually vary by loan type, rate type, and credit worthiness.If you find yourself paying 4% to 10% in interest each year, you are paying too much.This is especially important because student loans are difficult to get rid of, even if you’ve had financial hardship or filed for bankruptcy.(You can see how your student loans affect your credit standing — and, as a result, your ability to qualify for credit cards, auto loans, etc.Let's look at various options for dealing with student debt: discharge, forgiveness, repayment, debt consolidation – and finally, the worst that can happen if you simply don’t pay.

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