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The revenue generated from one legal entity is offset by the expenses in another legal entity.

If your small business buys out another, it is up to you how you want to treat the subsidiary.

Consolidated financial statements are the "Financial statements of a group in which the assets, liabilities, equity, income, expenses and cash flows of the parent (company) and its subsidiaries are presented as those of a single economic entity", according to International Accounting Standard 27 "Consolidated and separate financial statements", and International Financial Reporting Standard 10 "Consolidated financial statements".

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It is an important part of the financial statement along with the income statement and statement of cash flows.

The Balance Sheet reflects that how efficiently the funds of the entity are utilised to attain the maximum advantage.

It is not exactly same as a consolidated balance sheet.

Consolidated Balance Sheet is prepared when the details of ownership and owings of the holding company and subsidiary company listed out in a combined form.

For example, in the asset section, accounts receivable will list the total amount of receivables held by all three companies.

A company must issue consolidated financial statements whenever it owns a controlling stake in another business -- that is, whenever it owns more than 50 percent of that business.

In this article excerpt, you will find all the important differences between balance sheet and consolidated balance sheet.

A Balance Sheet is a summary of the financial position of the company at a given point of time.

A parent company can operate as a separate corporation apart from its subsidiary companies.

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