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It’s been all quiet on the Tumblr front for some time now, save for mentions of the blogging platform within the context of parent company Yahoo’s sale to Verizon.Last summer, Tumblr made a few notable tweaks—namely, But with Cabana, Tumblr is getting a bit more personal.

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For most of us, though, our customers have a choice.

And handing them off like hot potatoes is a great way to drive them from your business.

At first glance, Cabana wins on the design front; it also benefits from the Tumblr banner, which could be crucial if the intent is for Cabana to encourage higher engagement on Tumblr.

(Cabana was created by Polyvore Labs, which heads up mobile app development within Yahoo’s publishing division, and tested positively with Tumblr users early in its development.) Still, it’s hard to see how a video chat app might organically make its way into a rotation that includes the likes of Snapchat and Instagram, both of which don’t require active, verbal engagement.

of 130 million Tumblr users, data scientists found that about half actively consumed or were “unintentionally exposed” to porn.

(When Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo in 2013, the platform buried some of its explicit content in internal search results, but the posts remain.) For now, Cabana can only pull videos from You Tube, but one can only imagine how an app offering private video chatrooms with visual stimuli might be used once other video sources are introduced.A 58% increase in the number of people who would provide feedback on posts in their feed. The same principle applies in customer service: using the right key phrases in your interactions can make the difference between a poor customer experience and a delightful one.Below you’ll find a list of six phrases to use to deliver better customer service and build deeper relationships with your customers.Last night, five of my friends and I defeated the Atheon in Destiny’s Vault of Glass raid; it was a suitably epic undertaking, hampered only by the fact that the voice chat on the Xbox 360 still sucks after all these years.So we turned instead to a Google Hangout, which unquestionably provided both better quality and more reliability.1 But this got me thinking.Still, it’d be great to see Apple bring the same simplicity and ease-of-use3 to multiparty video chats that it has to the one-on-one model.

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